sexual-violence-during-war-and-peace-1Violencia sexual

Sexual Violence during War and Peace (Palgrave Studies of the Americas, 2014) is  based on ten years of research in Peru. The book looks at discourses and practices around sexual violence against women in both the internal armed conflict as well as post conflict. The argument of the book is that while rape was certainly used as a weapon of war, particularly by the armed forces, there is also a clear continuum with peacetime violence against women, and how institutions do and do not address this pervasive problem. The book came out in translation with the Bibliotéca Nacional del Perú in 2016. More info here:


Intersecting Inequalities (Penn State University Press, 2010) looks at how women’s organisations in poor neighbourhoods and rural towns navigate state policies and institutions in 1990s Peru. The Fujimori government is central to these policies, and so the book shows how the Fujimori government used a double-faced discourse to target women either as sacrificing mothers or as emancipated professionals, depending on the issue at hand. The book looks in detail at food distribution policies, population control (or the ‘forced sterilization programme’ as it has become known), and violence against women policies. The book came out in translation in 2018, with the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos. More info here:

and a video of the presentation of the translation:

Gender and HIV:AIDS

Gender and HIV/AIDS (Routledge, 2009) is a co-edited book, together with Nana Poku, which we did when we were both at the University of Bradford. We invited a group of experts working on different aspects of gender and HIV/AIDS in a range of developing countries to contribute chapters. The result is a book of nine case studies, from Haiti to India, and Tanzania to South Africa, and features chapters by Carlos Cáceres, Catherine Campbell, Joanna Busza, Trace Kersaw, Flora Cornish, Tim Frasca, Janet Bujra, Christopher Colvin and Steven Robins, and myself (on people living with HIV in Tanzania). More info here:


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